17 Jan 2017
17 Jan 2017

Working on the cutting edge of automotive technology

Brainport Talentbox sheds light on the work and life of Emilio Maldonado - System Engineer at Punch Powertrain in Eindhoven. The article tells about the company, its cutting edge research and the work-life balance as expat in the heart of Brainport region.

Punch Powertrain in Eindhoven is a R&D center that currently employs over 80 people, with further rapid growth plans. It is dedicated to design, prototype and test new transmissions – customized to the client’s requirements.
The focus lies on sustainable transmissions, as the company offers transmission solutions for hybrid and fully electric cars. Additionally, Punch Powertrain is developing a SRM (Switched Reluctance Machine) that greatly relieves the environment, by eliminating magnets and associated scarce and polluting materials.  

Research goals of Punch Powertrain enable its employees to work on cutting edge technology that is focused on improving our environment. The ability to leave a mark and contribute to clean technologies attracts experts from all over the world.

Eindhoven is very well equipped to accommodate the large expat community. The city is at the heart of Brainport region – one of Europe’s leading technology regions, regarded worldwide as a center for innovation and high-tech. Over the years it has attracted a big amount of international knowledge workers, which are well rooted in all aspects of city life.  


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