The core of the HS2 drive system is a hybrid transmission, which is based on the tried and trusted concept of a CVT transmission. Punch Powertrain has managed to incorporate the strengths and the comfort of a CVT into a hybrid system.

Complete system

The HS2 is a complete system that can be connected to any type of internal combustion engine. Combined with the transmission, the system consists of an electric motor, power control electronics, and an electric oil pump.

Unique architecture

The unique architecture of the HS2 provides a substantial improvement to the fuel consumption of the engine, obviously without affecting the driving comfort and performance of the vehicle. Punch Powertrain's HS2 can be built into cars of up to 2.000 kg, and is therefore an answer to the universally growing demand for economical and comfortable SUVs.

Ideal partner

The in-house development of the Hybrid Control Unit (HCU), which governs the ECU (Engine Control Unit) and the TCU (Transmission Control Unit), makes Punch Powertrain an ideal partner that can provide the transmission, the electric motor, and the control unit – and can optimize the entire system to suit the specific requirements of a car manufacturer.