In Punch Powertrain´s ‘MecHybrid’ (Mechanical Hybrid) a transmission based on the 'VT2' CVT transmission is linked to a flywheel that assures the storage and release of the kinetic energy. Thanks to Punch Powertrain´s years of expertise in the combined areas of CVT transmissions and flywheels, OEMs can rely on a system that is tried-and-tested and extremely efficient, in both economic and ecological terms.

Mechanical battery

The ‘smart’ linkage of the MecHybrid transmission guarantees that the CVT during braking provides the maximum amount of kinetic energy onto the flywheel. Thanks to this 'mechanical battery, the advantages simply result in vehicles becoming more economical and drawing less energy from traditional fossil or electric sources. Moreover, the mechanical energy storage is more efficient and cheaper than storing energy in (relatively) expensive batteries.

Solid steel

The flywheels of Punch Powertrain are made of solid steel, which makes them safe and efficient, with fuel savings of 10% or more.

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Technical Specifications