The VT5 is Punch Powertrain´s latest Continuously Variable Transmission. Based on the successes of the robust VT2 and VT3 CVT transmissions, the VT5 was developed for a wide range of cars. For example, it has the world´s largest ratio coverage for a single CVT transmission.

Extremely efficient

Punch Powertrain´s VT5 distinguishes itself as an economical CVT transmission with a large torque range up to 250 Nm. Its innovative hydraulic system and optimized control make the VT5 an extremely efficient transmission.

Also for SUVs

Furthermore, the VT5 CVT transmission has a torque converter that positively influences the road driving and incline performances. As a result, this transmission is also perfectly positioned to satisfy the rising global demand for SUVs.

Innovative features

Optionally, the VT5 offers possibilities for characteristics such as AWD or innovative features like start-stop, sailing, 48V and hybrid solutions.