15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020

New test track to cover full testing cycle at Punch Powertrain Nanjing

Punch Powertrain Nanjing has successfully inaugurated its first fully equipped test track. With this milestone, Punch Powertrain becomes the first transmission supplier in China to cover the full testing cycle in-house.

One of the key merits of new testing infrastructure is the ability to perform the CFV (Clamping Force Validation) test, which is needed for transmission and software validation. This test is to be performed under different driving conditions, which include special road surfaces such as low friction road, high friction patch and unpaved road. The ability to perform this range of tests in-house brings a significant efficiency increase in terms of speed and resource allocation.

First transmission supplier with fully equipped test track in China

Having this extensive range of testing facilities is not common among Tier 1 manufacturers, nor the OEMs they deliver. With the launch of this test track, combined with the already available test tracks, Punch Powertrain becomes the first supplier with a full range in-house test track in China. While the company has already performed its first series of CFV and calibration tests, various world class OEMs have expressed interest in renting the test track in near future.

Full range of testing

This test track is an important asset for transmission calibration, evaluation drives and other validation tests, allowing the company to cover the full range of tests, performed at the speed under 80 km/h. The overall infrastructure contains two parts: straight road and gravel road.

Straight road

Consisting of a flat rectangular area of 2.800 m², this part includes 5 different tracks:

- Asphalt road - representing rough surfaces.
- Low μ road - low friction road, simulating driving conditions in snow, water or ice, needed for ABS, TCS and ESP testing.
- Chequerboard road – performing a similar function as low μ road, encompassing surface changes between tiles and concrete.
- Belgian road - also known as ‘setts’, simulating bumpy conditions  of cobblestone roads.
- High curb road - simulating driving off from high curb

Gravel road

This part consists of a flat rectangular area of 600 m², combining gravel and concrete surfaces to simulate various off-road situations.