This fundamentally new, compact and cost-effective hybrid automatic transmission (DCT) is based on the well-known “dual clutch principle”. However we conceived an innovative and fundamental improvement to this concept, that enables an electric motor to become an integral part of the transmission. This allows the class-leading unit to enjoy benefits from both its components: an ultra-efficient dual clutch transmission technology on the one hand, linked with electric machines, allowing varying levels of hybridization, on the other hand. 

48V or PHEV variants

The unit can be either equipped with a 48 Volt low power motor (20kW), or with a high voltage powerful electric machine (90kW), without any design changes to the base transmission. 
The 48V solution equips mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV), resulting in a fuel saving of up to 15%, while the high voltage solution is designed for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), with up to 75% of fuel savings.

Flexible hybrid fleet

This flexibility in electric power level - and thus cost - is unseen for any other transmission, currently on the market. Such easy scalability of cost is important, because it enables OEMs to continuously adjust their vehicle fleet electrification mix to the market demand and ensure compliance with CO2-mandates. In this mix, also non-hybrid DT2 transmissions (without electric motor) still holds an important position.

Dual Clutch principle - reinvented

Punch Powertrain conceived a new way of realizing the dual clutch principle. It linked a planetary gear set to one of the clutches, resulting in a mechanical “pre-reduction” in front of the existing ratios in the gearbox. By doing so, Punch Powertrain developed a gearbox which, as opposed to most other dual clutch systems, does not use single ratio per gear, but rather makes various of the gears available for 2 distinct ratios. This enables a drastic reduction in the number of internal parts, leaving enough space for a 48V or HV electric machine. The smart controls of the hybrid gearbox are established by a state-of-the-art Transmission Control Unit featuring ISO26262 classification, Flexray and High Speed Can Bus. 

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Technical Specifications