Punch Powertrain’s Dual Clutch Transmission was specifically developed for the compact vehicle segment. This efficient and compact 7-speed automatic DCT is more cost-effective than other full automatic transmissions, while at the same time offering excellent driving comfort, efficiency and an exceptionally wide ratio coverage. 

Sophisticated re-invention of the dual clutch principle

Punch Powertrain conceived and patented a new way of realizing the dual clutch principle. The second clutch in this new DCT is a normal multiplate clutch, however the first clutch represents an additional planetary gearset ratio that can be engaged between the engine and the transmission. This allows the unit to shift seamlessly between 7 forward ratios, using only 4 gear pairs and one side shaft (similar to MT). This results in a lighter, more compact product, while offering a considerable cost reduction.

Compact and highly capable

Punch Powertrain's DT1 Dual Clutch Transmission is intended for vehicles with maximum engine torque of up to 200 Nm and engine power of up to 110 kW. The large first gear ratio (1:18) is optimized for this application, resulting in smooth accelerations in any circumstance and strong capabilities on inclines. The overall wide ratio coverage of up to 8, enables the transmission to operate with a favorable fuel consumption.

DT1 represents an advantageous alternative for 4ATs and 5(A)MTs.

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Technical Specifications