ET2 is a single speed EV gearbox by Punch Powertrain, designed for flexible integration with various e-motors. The ET2 technology uses the proven 2-stage pinion gear topology for maximum efficiency, excellent NVH attributes and design flexibility. The standard designs are available for electric motor power of 100 and 160 kW and a gear ratio around 1:10.

Broad applicability

The gearbox can be positioned in front, rear or all-wheel drive vehicles, using the same design. Within this application context, the same gearbox can be installed either in forward or backward facing fashion. Furthermore, the ET2’s symmetric drive/brake capabilities result in uncompromised brake energy recovery, hence a longer EV range.  

Extensive customization options

Next to the standard 100 and 150 kW designs, the ET2 gearbox technology can also be used in dedicated customer solutions.  For such cases, custom gear ratios, customer e-motors, divergent form-factors and optional e-park mechanism can be designed, tested and volume manufactured.

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Technical Specifications