EP3 is a next generation 3-in-1 electric drive, which tightly integrates an electric machine, a gearbox and an inverter into a single “drop-in” unit. The e-motor is designed for 150 kW of mechanical peak power, the inverter runs at a maximum voltage of 450V and the gearbox constitutes a proven two-stage pinion single ratio setup. The entire unit contributes greatly to EV range maximization at an affordable price.

Optimization through integration

In-house expertise on all 3 subsystems of the drive allows for strong integration. The subsystems are functioning in optimal alignment, allowing for quieter and more efficient operation with an extremely compact package and overall improved performance.

Additional benefits are minimized weight and reduced cost, which result from tight packaging, clever e-motor design with reduced amount of rare earth materials and an inverter design that uses the latest cost optimal power components.

Excellent NVH and acoustic performance

Extensive adaptation to the housings and controls resulted in excellent acoustic performance, showing high power density and efficiency. The EP3 drive is designed according to high NVH standards for EV drives and tested in our brand new and full scale NVH laboratory including vehicle bench acoustic testing facilities. 

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Technical Specifications