The VT5 includes Punch Powertrain´s latest Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Based on the successes of the robust VT3, the VT5 was developed for an even wider range of vehicles. For a single stage CVT, it has the world´s largest ratio coverage of 7.2 and is complimented with excellent and robust torque converter launching capabilities.

Exceptional efficiency

Punch Powertrain´s VT5 distinguishes itself as a cost-effective CVT with a large torque range up to 280 Nm. Its innovative hydraulic system with dual-port pump and optimized controls increase the transmission’s efficiency to exceptional levels.

Particularly suitable for SUVs

VT5 is equipped with a torque converter, which positively influences the driving and incline performance. As a result, this transmission is also perfectly positioned to satisfy the rising global demand for SUVs.

Advanced features

Optionally, the VT5 offers possibilities for characteristics such as AWD or fuel-saving features like start-stop and sailing. Furthermore, upon request, the VT5 can be applied with an ASIL-C shift-by-wire system.

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Technical Specifications