At Punch Powertrain, we are constantly working on innovative technologies and solutions that shape the transmissions and powertrains of tomorrow. In addition, we know how to optimize and more intelligently implement the available technology of today so as to make our transmissions and powertrains more efficient, more dynamic and more cost-effective.

Patented technologies

Punch Powertrain has patented several of our innovations and developments worldwide. Moreover, the integration of Drivetrain Innovations (DTI, 2013) into Punch Powertrain further strengthened our IP position, and injected new talent with innovative ideas.

Gear up for the future

The slogan ‘Gear up for the future’ says it all: innovation is rooted in Punch Powertrain´s genes. Our business processes motivate and stimulate our employees to think ‘outside of the box’. At Punch Powertrain, we promote cultural cross-pollination between people on a global scale. This enables Punch Powertrain to offer innovative transmissions and powertrains that not only respond to the general demand of the market, but also meet the specific, unique needs of our international customers.