... stands for ‘electro-mechanical Kinetic Energy Recovery System’, with which the speed of a steel flywheel is regulated by a 10 kW Switched Reluctance motor (SRM), and a connectable planetary gear wheel system.

High peak capacity

Thanks to the advanced development by Punch Powertrain, a high peak capacity is possible, despite the low electric motor voltage of only 48 V. That makes this unit a cost-efficient and very powerful powertrain which combines the best of electrical and mechanical hybrids.

On the rear axle

The emKERS unit can be mounted on the rear axle of a front wheel-driven car. This addition gives the car extra peak capacity, which increases the driving pleasure and at the same time is useful when passing, for example. With emKERS the car gets a certain level of All Wheel Drive capacities while this addition also makes it significantly more economical. The fuel savings amount to as much as 15%.

Up to 60 kW of power

Depending on the components used and gear ratios, the emKERS unit delivers up to 60 kW of peak capacity. As a result, the battery size of the system can be reduced, since the flywheel absorbs most of the energy peaks.

In sum …

… emKERS is a cost-efficient drive unit that saves fuel and offers the end customer increased driving pleasure.