Punch Powertrain has patented a wide range of innovations and developments worldwide. We put our innovation in service of sustainability, with the goal to offer more sustainable solutions at affordable cost.
The new chapter in our story is to make sustainable transmissions more accessible through innovation.

Punch Powertrain offers full capabilities in-house.
This means we have everything – from A to Z – to develop a propulsion system tailored to your needs: research, prototyping, testing and production.


Our in depth understanding of all sub-system enables us to offer high efficiency and optimization. All sub-systems are developed in a concurrent engineering process, relying on a full range of in-house competences in the field of:

  • Mechanics
  • Software
  • Controls algorithms
  • Electronics

Our capabilities include:

Virtual system concept

Virtual prototyping and
simulations capabilities

Rapid prototyping

Development, testing

Calibration and performance optimization

Process Development

Lifecycle evolutions

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We bring together the best minds and capabilities in the industry to ensure we offer the best solution for your platform
Pascal Van Troost
Global IP Leader