DHT150 Hybrid Transmission

DHT150 has a dual motor P1/P3 architecture for a 1.5-1.8L gasoline engine. Its compact design, with a 342mm axial length, integrates easily into a vehicle. Advanced control and energy management ensure smooth power shifts and high efficiency.

Compact design with a 5-axis architecture and fewer shafting, resulting in a smaller size. The oil-cooled motor with a cooling oil ring design offers a simple structure and small size.

The low-cost design includes self-developed components such as an inverter, electronic oil pump, and parking mechanism. It uses an electromagnetic clutch that couples power without the need for a complex hydraulic system.

The high-efficiency design includes a full active lubrication system that reduces the amount of lubricating oil needed. The electromagnetic coupling mechanism replaces the wet hydraulic clutch, improving overall efficiency by 1%.

What makes the DHT150 different:

Compact design


High efficiency

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