100.000 VT5s produced

Following the success of the VT2/VT3 family in China, Punch Powertrain launched a series of product innovations. VT5 was the first in the series with a launch on December 3, 2018. After a full year of production, it has exceeded the 100.000 unit mark – a milestone that took its predecessor 5 years.

Based on the successes of the robust VT3, the VT5 was developed for an even wider range of vehicles. It covers a torque range of up to 280 Nm and has the world´s largest ratio coverage for a single stage CVT (7.2). In addition, the transmission provides excellent and robust torque converter launching capabilities and has proven to deliver top scores in official fuel efficiency ratings.


Continuous Variable Transmission - VT5

The VT5 is currently delivered to our clients Ford-JMC and DFSK in China. Notwithstanding a challenging year in the Chinese automotive market, deliveries maintained relatively steady. After a ramp up period, the production line is currently working at full rate.

While during the first year the focus was mainly directed at quality insurance, the product now enters the next stage of its life cycle: realization of continuous improvement and cost reduction. In addition, the team is preparing for introduction of new product variants, to anticipate the needs in the fast moving market.