Hybrid DCT – DT2

DT2 is Punch Powertrain’s hybrid transmission for mild hybrid (48V), plug-in and full hybrid (PHEV) vehicles.

With its electric motor in a P2 configuration and its 3 clutches DT2 enables electric driving and engine restart in all gears.

Our family of DT2 products can realise up to 30% CO2 reduction while offering excellent driving comfort and performance. Its ingenious platform design assures that the different electrification variants fit in OEM front-transverse platforms with minimal investment.

Our DT2 PHEV plug-in variant with its e-motor of 92 kW in a P2 configuration is capable of powering a hybrid car in pure electric mode for longer periods,depending on the size of the battery pack. It outperforms other systems for driveability, performance and fuel economy. It doesn’t take much to keep it going, as fuel consumption can be as low as 1,5 liters/100 kilometers.

Our DT2 MHEV is an exceptionally compact 48V hybrid DCT. Just to give you an idea: it fits into the packaging of a regular conventional DCT. DT2 MHEV is a flexible, fully integrated and low cost hybrid system with over 20 kW of electric power.

What makes our DT2 different:

Platform approach

Our platform approach assures that you can integrate either of the variants in your vehicle platforms at minimum application cost. Our high commonality of components (>90%) between the 3 variants offers a clear economy of scale benefit in component cost.

Compact and versatile

Our DCT is the most compact in the world. This is because of our patented gear train design, in which we combine a planetary gear set and a single layshaft.. It renders the design perfectly suitable for both compact cars and large SUVs.

P2 configuration

DT2 hybrid DCTs have a P2 configuration for optimal efficiency and drivability, allowing to drive in electric mode in all gears, perform EV shifts under load with consistent shift behavior and maintain qualitative driveability also during ICE restart.

The DT2 family of products can be offered in 3 levels of electrification.


Punch Powertrain Hybrid DCT - DT2

Offers you the highest quality and best in class efficiency for the most optimal cost. Our DT2 MHEV will be the most used mild hybrid DCT on the global market as of 2025


Punch Powertrain Hybrid DCT - DT2

Combines the best of 2 worlds. It offers the range of a conventional powertrain, combined with the sustainability of an EV vehicle. This eDCT driven by engine and electric motor cuts fuel consumption and conserves energy outperforming other systems on the market.

DT2 conventional

Punch Powertrain Hybrid DCT - DT2

Transferring the best features of the hybrid variants through our platform approach makes DT2 conventional an equally exceptional transmission for classic combustion engine applications.

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