Our top-of-class testing facilities are present in-house in several global locations and include internal facilities and external test tracks. This ensures that your solution is already proven before it hits the road.

We aim to integrate as much digital testing as possible to reduce your costs and shorten project timelines

Our key capabilities:


  • Component test​
  • Thermal test
  • Actuation test

ICE simulation software

  • Virtual ICE modeling for e-motor testing

E-motor characterization

  • Component verification for speed and torque variations

Component testing

  • Hydraulic controls, pumps, valves,…


  • Endurance test
  • High cycle fatigue

Thermal cycling

  • High and low humidity and temperature tests

Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Overall characterization of electric powertrain on variable conditions


  • Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP)

NVH / Vibration

  • Noise and vibration measurements on transmission, car and component level


  • Advanced calibration of driveability

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Beyond state-of-the-art

  • Punch Powertrain uses a variety of tools and methods to drive solutions to the right direction from the get-go

More efficiency

  • Our testing skills and capabilities save your time – and money.

Lower environmental impact

  • Less physical production means less climate impact as a side product

Punch Powertrain developed a highly agile and modular methodology and test set-up to simulate an engine.

Punch Powertrain Testing

The solution comprises a super low-inertia servomotor that is used as input motor to the transmission, a closed-loop controlled with an advanced ICE simulator model.

ICE emulation software enables us to test an engine with high accuracy before physical parts are available. This enables you to reduce the time to market with weeks to months, while at the same time drastically reducing costs and environmental footprint.