Integrated eDrive

We offer an extensive E-Propulsion Technology Kit composed of transmissions, e-motors and inverters, including a digital platform with software.

Select from our scalable and modular Electric Drive Unit (EDU) building blocks to build highly customized, integrated drive systems.

Punch Powertrain Products

The building blocks can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from 2WD, 4WD, single motor, twinmotor, single speed or multispeed.

They can be configured in various dimensional arrangements such as offset differential, coaxial or offset-coaxial.

We pursue a holistic design approach. This optimizes performance, power density, packaging, efficiency, heat management, NVH, functionality, durability, and of course –  cost.
All in highly digitized design cycles and toolset. This approach enables us to substantially limit the amount of required test samples and test runs.

What makes our EDUs different:

Power Density

Power densities over 6kW per kg make our EDU designs one of the most power dense propulsion system offered for electric vehicles today.


Our DCT is the most compact in the world. This is because of our patented gear train design, in which we combine a planetary gear set and a single layshaft.. It renders the design perfectly suitable for both compact cars and large SUVs.

Cost saving up to 20%

Our EDUs with high-power density use substantially less materials. The option to integrate our Hybrid Synchronous Machine technology, further reduces the use of expensive rare earth (magnet) materials.

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We can help you define the most suited solution for your application from our wide range of modular and scalable solutions