Electric Mobility Solutions

Punch Powertrain tailors a range of solutions in the wide arena of electric mobility. Our solutions range from simple personal mobility applications to full heavy duty moving equipment, and from motorcycles to large commercial vehicles.


We provide an exceptionally wide range of e-drive configuration options. This enables you to compose customized e-propulsion solutions to meet the needs of your platform.

Our extensive E-Propulsion Technology Kit is composed of transmissions, e-motors and inverters, including a digital platform with software.

Select from our scalable and modular Electric Drive Unit (EDU) building blocks to adopt separately or as integrated drive systems. They can be used for applications ranging from 2WD, 4WD, single motor, twinmotor, single speed or multispeed EDUs.

All individual (sub)systems in the E-Propulsion Technology Kit are driven by our full in-house expertise in cost-optimal design methodologies combined with dedicated innovations and state-of-the-art technologies

Punch Powertrain launches its E-Propulsion Technology Kit

Integrated eDrive




Let us help you define the optimal solution for your platform from our wide range of modular and scalable solutions