Conventional Transmissions

Punch Powertrain is the proud inventor of the automotive Continuously Variable Transmission and has a strong track record in its development and production. Our CVT solutions are highly scalable, ranging from 140 to 280 Nm, and feature wet clutch, push belt and torque converters. All software is developed in-house.

Conventional Transmissions, DT1

We reinvented the Dual Clutch principle to offer you the world’s most compact wet-clutch 7 speed DCT at affordable cost

Our DCTs are fundamentally different from the traditional DCTs you’re used to. Our design uses 35% less components and results in over 7% weight reduction, offering you a transmission in the price range of an automated manual transmission (AMT) but with the performance of a DCT.


Thanks to its wet clutch and inherent design it is particularly suited for application in compact vehicles and challenging driving conditions like extreme ambient temperatures, hill and stop-and-go traffic. 

Max. Engine Torque:200 Nm
Ratio Spread:8,2
Max. Input rpm:7000 rpm
Weight (dry):59 kg


VT3 has already proven to be a successful, robust and cost-efficient CVT, which can be quickly deployed, thanks to its design flexibility. With over 3 million units on the market, its quality and reliability are confirmed day after day.

Max. Engine Torque:150 to 220 Nm
Ratio Spread:5,45
Max. Input rpm:6000 rpm
Weight (dry):54 kg


Based on the successes of the robust VT3, the VT5 was developed for an even broader range of cars. For additional fuel saving, the VT5 has Neutral Idle Control and is readied for (advanced) engine start/stop.

Max. Engine Torque:280 Nm
Ratio Spread:7,2
Max. Input rpm:6500 rpm
Weight (dry):95 kg
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