Our E-drive reducers make the perfect mechanical and functional interface between a vehicle’s motor and wheels.

Our cutting-edge design process ensures a deeper level of system integration, delivering products faster and at lower cost than industry benchmark

What makes our reducers different:


Proven to go the extra mile


Variable range


Minimum noise


Lean design  

We offer a wide range of highly optimized reducers:

Punch Powertrain Reducers

160kW offset reducers for EV and eLCV

This highly robust and efficient reducer designs offer the ideal solution for quick vehicle integration and SOP projects. The reducers can be installed in two directions and accept large deviations in installation angles, with the option for park locks. 

Punch Powertrain Reducers


This configuration gets its highly torque and power dense reducer from the compactness of a coaxial configuration with the robustness of an offset gearset arrangement. Park lock and disconnect units can be interchanged as optional function elements.

Punch Powertrain Reducers


Multi-speed reducer solutions are key for certain applications to improve overall efficiency and NVH or to enable the use of relatively smaller motors. Customers get to choose between several of our solutions in this application range. They excel in ratio sizing flexibility and compactness by the clever use of planetary gearsets. 

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We can help you define the most suited solution for your application from our wide range of modular and scalable solutions