Our modular inverter kit is a versatile and highly customizable solution.

We can tailor our inverters towards nominal voltages of 48V, 400V or 800V, naming the solution IV1 through to IV5, accordingly.

The inverter’s mechatronic design is highly customizable to different applications, ranging from 2-wheelers to heavy duty trucks. It can operate with MOSFET, IGBT-based or SiC-based power modules.

All our inverters use a unified digital platform, which limits the complexity in software version management. Current levels can be up to 400Arms continuous and 800Arms peak.

What makes our Inverters different:




We selected configuration examples to show you the most diverse possibilities:

Punch Powertrain EV Invertors


IV1 is a very compact Inverter solution based on Discrete MOSFET for 48V electric and MHEV applications. IV1 is available in 2 variants for 20kW and 40kW applications. It is based on a highly efficient 6-phase topology.

Topology6 phases inverter
PowerUp to 20kW
Current245 Arms 3s / 125 Arms for 60s / 70 Arms continuous
Software architectureAutoSAR 4.2.1
ISO 26262 levelASIL-B (C)
Punch Powertrain Inverters


IV3 inverter is developed using proven IGBT Power Module technologies and is scalable up to 170kW. It is a very flexible 400V solution where core structure can be shaped to adapt to customer specific mechanical constraints. 

Topology3 phases inverter
PowerUp to 150kW
Current500 Arms 30s / 300Arms continuous
Software architectureAutoSAR 4.2.2
ISO 26262 levelASIL-C


IV5 is a new 800V high power inverter, developed using our formula 1 and formula E experience on SiC technologies and high power architectures. Its scalable design allows optimization of volume for application needs.

Topology3 phases inverter
PowerUp to 370kW
Current750 Arms 10s / 400Arms continuous
Software architectureAutoSAR 4.2.2
ISO 26262 levelASIL-D


The integrated design of  UP1 (Unified Power 4-in-1 controller) combines an inverter, OBC, DC-DC converter, and PDU in one unit, particularly suited for light commercial vehicles (≤3.5T). It offers flexible interfaces and a customizable 8-channel PDU.

HV DC Range200~450V
Power45kW ~ 110kW
Rated Power OBC3.3~6.6kW
Rated Power DCDCUp to 2.5kW
PDU Interface8 Paths, PTC, V2X
Punch Powertrain Inverters

Generic SIC Inverter

Generic SIC inverter is fully silicon carbide power inverter, which is able to drive a high speed E-machine. In contrast to the conventional IGBT-based inverter, the HPDI can support speeds above 100.000 rpm.

HV DC Voltage900 V
Power120 kW
Current210 to 450 ARMS
Software architectureProprietary
ApplicationBench Testing

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We can help you define the most suited solution for your application from our wide range of modular and scalable solutions