Hybrid Transmissions

We offer an exceptionally compact DCT family in conventional, 48V and plug-in hybrid variants. Thanks to our DCT invention the 48V variant fits the packaging of a regular DCT. This DCT range with over 90% common design base can be fitted in your entire front-transverse platform program, regardless of the (continuously adjusting) mix in mild, full or plug-in hybrids.

Punch Powertrain Hybrid Transmissions DT2


DT2 MHEV is an exceptionally compact hybrid DCT that fits into the packaging of a conventional DCT. It offers a flexible, integrated and low cost hybrid system with over 20 kW of electrification power.

Nominal E-Motor Voltage:48V
Max. Engine Torque:350 Nm
Weight (dry):96.5 kg


DT2 PHEV plug-in variant, is capable of powering a hybrid purely electrically for sustained periods. In addition to excellent driving features and high performance, its cycle fuel consumption can be as low as 1,5 liters/100 kilometers.

Nominal E-Motor Voltage:320V
Max. Engine Torque:350 Nm
Weight (dry):107 kg


The VT6 transmission is available as a conventional CVT and as a mild hybrid. The state-of-the-art integrated hybrid combines excellent driving characteristics in a compact package with
fuel savings of up to 17 % (NEDC).

Hybridization:P2 with ICE Dry Clutch
Nominal E-Motor Voltage:48V
Max. Engine Torque:220 Nm
Weight (dry):93 kg
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