Accelerating innovation: Punch Powertrain and HAN automotive collaborate on ‘MORE project’

In the fast-moving world of automotive technology, collaboration has become increasingly crucial. It’s a philosophy deeply anchored in the core values of  Punch Powertrain, as well as in those of educational institutions such as HAN Automotive. The partnership between the two not only signifies a fusion of expertise but also embodies a potent synergy aimed at driving innovation.

MORE (Modular Research Vehicle) Project

The MORE project by HAN Automotive educates students to become future-proof mobility engineers by involving them in building and using a modular research vehicle. This immersive approach provides students with invaluable real-world experience. Punch Powertrain, which shares test components for the project, benefits from tapping into the innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and sheer computing power of the next generation of automotive engineers.

The movement, which began with 12 students in 2021, now involves over 80 students working on MORE across various multidisciplinary projects. MORE has progressed from having an operational vehicle in 2021 to developing a drive-by-wire vehicle with 4-wheel steering by 2022. In 2023, high-speed testing of the MORE vehicle was conducted, and a sustainable driveline was implemented. Additionally, the integration of Automated Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS) paved the way for further integration with other systems, aiming to achieve Automated Driving of the vehicle by the end of 2024. The project is on track to develop a fully autonomous vehicle by 2025.

Punch Powertrain and HAN Automotive share a common commitment to sustainability and collaborate to develop cleaner, more eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Over a decade of fostering innovation

For well over a decade, Punch Powertrain has been combining its technical expertise with the academic rigor and fresh perspectives of HAN Automotive. HAN Automotive was also affiliated with DTI (Drivetrain Innovations bv), which, in 2013, became Punch Powertrain Eindhoven through the acquisition of DTI Group by Punch Powertrain nv. This collaboration has cultivated a mutually beneficial relationship in research and development.

A collaboration that materialized around 2014 in the Pluto test rig that allowed for rigorous testing of the twin-speed gearbox. Since then, Pluto has hosted a number of tests with a variety of different gearboxes. Between 2017 and 2019, when the shared workload reached a high point, a HAN-employee was stationed at Punch Powertrain for one day a week. Furthermore, over the years, a number of HAN students have been provided internship opportunities at Punch Powertrain. As an extension of this, more than ten HAN-graduates have been recruited to join Punch Powertrain teams. Their collaborative efforts continue to enhance powertrain efficiency and optimize vehicle performance.    

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A vision for the future

Punch Powertrain and HAN Automotive share a common commitment to sustainability and collaborate to develop cleaner, more eco-friendly transportation solutions. Their collaboration extends beyond research, as Punch Powertrain actively engages with HAN Automotive students through internships and guest lectures. This initiative creates a pipeline of educated and motivated individuals, contributing to the pool of future Punch Powertrain engineers.

Creating impact 

For over five decades, Punch Powertrain has been a leader in powertrain solutions, continuously pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering. Committed to sustainability and efficiency, Punch Powertrain has pioneered advancements across a wide range of conventional, hybrid, and electric powertrain solutions. This technological foresight has positioned it as a key player in the rapidly transforming automotive propulsion industry, shifting towards electrification.

In parallel, HAN Automotive, nestled within the HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, serves as a beacon of automotive education and research excellence. In their philosophy of hands-on learning, HAN Automotive empowers its students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to excel in the automotive landscape. Their studies encompass vehicle dynamics, sustainable mobility and emerging technologies, ensuring its graduates are equipped to tackle real-life challenges.

Sustainability transformation

The efforts of Punch Powertrain and HAN Automotive  are directed towards reducing the environmental impact of the automotive industry. Be it through the advancement of Punch Powertrain’s sustainable propulsion solutions or through the technological advancements made possible by the MORE research vehicle, the collaboration between Punch Powertrain and HAN Automotive serves as a shining example of the transformative potential when industry and academia unite. By leveraging their respective strengths and expertise, they have forged a synergy that acts as a catalyst for innovation in the automotive sector. These types of collaborations are crucial to plot the course towards a more sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced automotive industry.