Punch Powertrain Eindhoven celebrates its 10th anniversary

On July 14th, 2023 Eindhoven: Today, Punch Powertrain Eindhoven marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 10th work anniversary. Punch Powertrain Eindhoven was established with acquisition of DTI Group (Drivetrain Innovations bv) in 2013 by Punch Powertrain nv. Since then it has served as the company’s prominent research and development (R&D) hub.

10 Years Celebration Punch Powertrain

The acquisition of DTI not only bolstered the R&D Department in Sint-Truiden but also infused the company with specialized knowledge, enhancing its growth prospects. This strategic move aimed to solidify Punch Powertrain’s position in the dynamic automotive market, ensuring it could meet the ever-increasing demand for innovative applications, particularly in electric and hybrid powertrains.

Punch Powertrain gained recognition for its globally celebrated and distinctive dual-clutch transmission, DT1, which was conceived and developed in Eindhoven. While dual-clutch transmissions have been a part of established companies’ technology portfolios for decades, Punch Powertrain managed to introduce a revolutionary approach, thanks to the dedication, innovation, and hard work of its team in Eindhoven. Presently, the 100+ member Eindhoven team, is engaged in the development of Punch Powertrain’s complete range of offerings, including Dual-Clutch Transmissions, CVTs (Continuously Variable Transmissions), as well as Hybrid and Full Electric Powertrains.

The team’s accomplishments have garnered praise and accolades, including the prestigious PSA Nomination for the groundbreaking dual-clutch transmission DT2 in 2018 and the Dutch Automotive Innovation Award in 2019.

The Eindhoven team adheres to the principle of working diligently and celebrating joyously, and they embraced this ethos during the commemoration of their 10th work anniversary on July 14th. The day commenced with a Town Hall meeting, where leaders addressed the gathering. Subsequently, the atmosphere turned festive as music, snacks, and beverages fostered a jovial ambiance. Colleagues seized the opportunity to engage in conversations, laughter, and the sharing of experiences, further strengthening their bonds.

By organizing this celebratory event, Punch Powertrain Eindhoven aimed to foster connections and express gratitude to all its colleagues who have been instrumental in the team’s remarkable achievements over the past decade. Witnessing the collective spirit and enjoyment shared throughout the day created a memorable experience, underscoring the significance of this milestone celebration.

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