Over 2 million CVTs produced

In 2015, after 24 years of production, we reached a total of one million produced CVTs. Only 24 months later,  we have put one more million on the market. Together, this brings the total amount of CVTs produced by Punch Powertrain to two million. This showcases the size and growth of the company today.

Punch Powertrain produced over 2 million CVTs

To get a better insight – hereby a few numbers to illustrate: 

Our success is based on our cooperation with Chinses domestic OEMs, with whom we have grown together overtime. Chery was our first domestic customer in 2003, but was soon followed by many others. Today we supply more than 15 Chinese domestic brands.

The most popular models with our products over the years were Proton Saga (265,000 pieces), Geely Emgrand (250,000) and Mini (165,000).  Both the Saga and the Emgrand have been equipped with our CVT for 2 consequent car generations.

Today the CVTs are mostly installed in SUVs – a worldwide strongly growing market. The most popular models that are equipped with a CVT by Punch Powertrain are Haima S5, JAC S3 and Dongfeng Fengguang 580. Although Dongfeng is only on the market for 1 year, it will soon clearly become the best-selling SUV with our CVT.