Punch Powertrain produces 1 million CVTs

In 1991, Punch Powertrain (then still as part of Volvo) started with the production of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) from the VT-product family. Now, 24 years later, 1.000.000 CVTs have been produced. Over the years VT1 transmissions were produced for Volvo, MG-Rover, BMW-Mini, Hyundai-Kia, Chery and Haima. In total 283.782 transmissions were sold, mainly to BMW for their first MINI.

The real breakthrough however only came later. After Punch Powertrain got its current name, new and fuel efficient transmissions were launched: VT2 and VT3. The company focused on the Asian market were at a high speed new customers were found. As a result, Punch Powertrain sold over 750.000 transmissions in 9 years. The forecast for 2015 is well over 250.000.

Punch Powertrain Products

The success of VT2 and VT3 have allowed Punch Powertrain to heavily invest in new products. Not only are 2 new transmission families being developed, Punch Powertrain is also bringing a plug-in hybrid and an full electric powertrain towards series production. These 4 new products are all to be launched in the next 3 years and should enable Punch Powertrain to sell over 1.000.000 products by 2020.