Landwind launches new Xiaoyao with VT5, CVT by Punch Powertrain with largest ratio coverage on the market

On January 4th, Landwind launched its new model, the Xiaoyao. This new vehicle is the first one to offer Punch Powertrain’s newly developed CVT, the VT5. In the Xiaoyao, the VT5 is offered in combination with a 1.5TGDi engine.

VT5 – CVT with world’s largest ratio coverage

Compared to its competitors in the torque range of up to 250 Nm, the VT5 offers the largest available ratio coverage on the market (7.2). This allows the transmission more flexibility to bring the entire powertrain (engine and transmission) at or near its optimum operating point in most driving conditions.

Additional measures were taken to improve the fuel efficiency by minimizing the losses inside the transmission. Pump and variator losses were minimized by the use of the Bosch 28 mm belt, a variator design with minimized deflection on the shafts and an active pump boost. Both the variator design and the active pump boost are measures to bring the CVT into new areas of efficiency.

Conventional CVT VT5

Technical specs Xiaoyao engine:

  • Maximum power: 120 kW
  • Maximum torque: 250 Nm

Technical specs VT5

  • Ratio coverage: 7.2
  • Center distance: 173 mm
  • Transmission length: 355 mm
  • Launch device: torque converter

Features VT5:

  • Highly integrated design
  • CVT, manual and simulated AT modes
  • Idle stop ready
  • 48V compatible
  • 3 cylinder compatible

First launch in a series

Later this year the VT5 will be introduced with other customers in new variants, including a 48V variant.

The VT5 is the first in a series of new products by Punch Powertrain. This new series was developed to offer a transmission fitting a wider variety of vehicles and specifications. Next to the new generation CVT, the series includes DCT, hybrid and fully electric drives. Still this year other products from this series will be introduced, including a P3-CVT PHEV solution (HS2) and the first electric powertrain (EP1).
This first launch has illustrated the successful portfolio diversification and is a new big step in the direction of further growth