Punch Powertrain invests in new state-of-the-art test facility

Punch Powertrain has recently started the construction of a new test center, which is scheduled for completion by mid-2019 with an investment of 9,5 million euro. The facility is the last part of a New Technology Center (NTC) within the frame work of expansion of the company’s R&D capacity. The NTC will be equipped with a full range of testing facilities and methods of the highest standard, currently available to the industry.

Latest technology available on the market

The construction of this NVH-facility complies with the norms, in accordance with ISO3744. This entails for example: structural decoupling from all other buildings and constructions, seismic masses within the foundation of the building and acoustically isolating materials in walls and ceiling. In order to keep the noise levels in the echo free test cells below 20dB(A), a dedicated air treatment system was specially designed. Even when running at full power, the system will not interfere with the measurements.

In addition to the construction, Punch Powertrain and the turnkey supplier – AVL – have conducted in depth research on process optimization. Among many optimizations is the decreased number of required prototype vehicles, leading to economical and ecological improvements.

Punch Powertrain invests in new state-of-the-art test facility
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Full control of Drivability, NVH and fuel consumption

The new Punch Powertrain test center contains four different testbeds focusing on drivability, NVH, fuel consumption and development testing:

  • 1 NVH (FWD) test bed (noise, vibration, harshness) for signature NVH measurements, torsional vibration measurements, endurance degradation measurements etc.

  • 1 x NVH chassis dynamometer (FWD, prepared for potential AWD upgrade) for signature vehicle measurements, transfer path analysis, acoustic camera measurements and ODS (Operational Deflection Shape) analysis. Both NVH facilities will be compliant with ISO 3744:2010.

  • 1 x 2WD chassis dynamometer (prepared for potential power upgrade) for fuel consumption measurements, drivability calibration and development testing.

  • 1 x 4WD chassis dynamometer for drivability calibration, fuel consumption measurements and development testing.