European research in SiC ecosystem advances

Through its acquisition of APOJEE, Punch Powertrain became part of WInSiC4AP, a European initiative  to develop and advance the SiC value chain in the region. Within this project, the company applies its core competencies to design and develop power test benches, using superior wide band gap (SiC) materials. On July 3d and 4th the second stage of the project is being concluded by presentations of the progress of the partners, hosted at Punch Powertrain France premises.  


WInSiC4AP stands for Wide band gap Innovative SiC for Advanced Power. Within this project research and development is conducted, regarding the applications of wide band gap semiconductors (such as SiC and GaN). In comparison with semiconductors, such as Si, these materials exhibit superior properties, leading to myriad of advantages, such as higher efficiency and power density, smaller dimensions and lower losses for passive components. Increased performance of the overall system allows for applications with higher (advanced) power.

Punch Powertrain Inverters

Aligning European SiC value chain

The goal of the WInSiC4AP framework is to create strong vertical integration, to present technologies that fit application requirements and to develop the full ecosystem. The network brings together companies, working in different domains (within automotive, avionics, railway and defense) and in different positions of the vertical value chain (semiconductor suppliers & manufacturers, power modules integrators) as well as academic entities and laboratories. All partners collaborate to co-design and prototype solutions, solve problems and exchange know-how.


This cooperation boosts the competitive position of Europe on the SiC market and establish a high level of expertise in the entire value chain. Currently 13 companies are part of the framework, each designing their targeted application, drawing on the strengths of shared intelligence. 

Test benches for advanced power

Within this project, Punch Powertrain (through its legacy of APOJEE) is responsible for the development of test benches to emulate an e-machine and a battery, in order to test any type of power converter. The company possesses full competencies to design and produce power test benches, which are currently in use at own and customer’s facilities. The innovation within WInSiC4AP project, using SiC, will allow to decrease the size of the test bench and improve its efficiency.

Milestone year 2 achieved

The project consists of three stages of one year. The first stage of gathering input from various points of view in the value chain in order to define requirements, was successfully achieved last year.

During the annual review on July 3d and 4th, the second stage of producing technology bricks by each company is concluded. During this stage Punch Powertrain has successfully produced and validated ½ power brick.

The third and last year is dedicated to building of prototypes, in order to demonstrate a working proof of concept. For Punch Powertrain this entails completion of the second ½ brick and functional validation of the full system. Upon completion of the project, the  demonstrators will be ready for introduction to the market and application in new projects.