Punch Powertrain to exhibit at IAA 2017 with focus on Electric Innovations

Punch Powertrain to exhibit at IAA 2017 with focus on Electric Innovations

The company will exhibit its flagship technologies that will create value for automakers and help deliver benefits for their end users:  

  • EP2 is a highly performant turnkey powertrain solution for EV, featuring the first truly silent Elecrtric Powertrain with an SR-Motor for series production. EP2 integrates an electric motor (a magnet free Switched Reluctance Motor), a transmission and power electronics in one single product. Careful calibration of the interaction between the elements allowed Punch Powertrain to eliminate torque ripple and noise issues, commonly associated with SRMs.

  • VT5 is a new generation of 250Nm torque converter CVT, which will be first applied in series production at the end of 2017. It’s characterized by a class leading ratio coverage of 7.2 and next level efficiency improvements. Modular design of VT5 enables hybrid application. 

  • DT1 redefines the concept of DCT with its unique single lay shaft design for FWD. This light weight innovation has robust independent cooling of wet clutches and features 7 speeds, 4 gear pairs and 1 shift drum. Just as the VT5, the DT1 is available for 48V applications.

Formulino Electric
A highlight at the stand will be the Formulino Electric, a Junior Electric Single Seater, created by a consortium composed of Punch Powertrain, Dallara, Prospeed Engineering, ACT and HERONsports. This junior electric race vehicle has premiered earlier this year in Geneva and showcases the unique integrated powertrain by Punch Powertrain (sports version of the EP2 – EP2-R). Formulino Electric represents a new class of vehicle in electric racing and is a showcase of clever, lightweight, ecologic and economic design.