Punch Powertrain appoints Sébastien Mazoyer as CEO

May 8th, 2023, Sint-Truiden: Punch Powertrain, a leading player in the transforming automotive industry, today announced the appointment of Sébastien Mazoyer as its new Chief Executive Officer. The appointment follows the decision of incumbent CEO, Jorge Solis, to step down from his position for personal reasons.

Today the company demonstrates a stage of maturity, having reached significant milestones towards the development of its hybrid DCT and establishing strong commercial relationships with key customers, driven by a clear electrification strategy. After careful consideration and dialogue with the shareholders, it has been decided that now is the right time to pass on the leadership baton.

Punch Powertrain appoints Sébastien Mazoyer as CEO

“We want to thank Jorge for leading the teams, for his efforts and hard work over the past years, bringing us to where we are today” said Mr. Zhang Yuming, Board Director and Vice President of Sensteed Hi-Tech Group, 100% shareholder of Punch Powertrain, and Chairman of the Board of Punch Powertrain. “We are pleased to appoint Mr. Mazoyer in the position of CEO to lead this enterprise towards achieving its full potential. With the company’s attractive, broad product portfolio for hybrid and electric vehicles and the strategic direction towards electric driving, we are confident Mr. Mazoyer, together with the executive team, will deliver upon the mission of affordable, innovative, sustainable mobility and will create the greatest value for customers and the shareholder. We fully continue to support the company in its ambitions.”

Sébastien Mazoyer previously served Punch Powertrain as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and Head of Business Unit of Electric Vehicles. His in-depth understanding of the company and strong leadership background are key to ensuring operational continuity.

“I am humbled to be entrusted with this role, and excited to lead the company amid its – and industry’s – transition to sustainable mobility,” said Sébastien Mazoyer, the new CEO of Punch Powertrain. “I am committed to delivering on the company vision, in close collaboration with our talented teams and our shareholders. Our focus is on providing high-quality, innovative powertrain solutions at affordable cost, starting with successfully launching our upcoming hybrid and electric products, across our global locations.”

I am humbled to be entrusted with this role, and excited to lead the company amid its - and industry’s - transition to sustainable mobility.

About Sébastien Mazoyer

With over 20 years of extensive experience in various senior leadership roles within Sales and Business Development, Operations and General Management, Mr. Mazoyer joined Punch Powertrain from Borg Warner, previously serving at Valeo. Alongside his comprehensive grasp of electrified propulsion systems, Mr. Mazoyer has a proven track record in bringing customer value. Being stationed throughout Asia and Europe during his career he possesses a profound understanding of the global automotive market and the ability to drive multi-cultural team performance in a global corporate environment.

Punch Powertrain appoints Sébastien Mazoyer as CEO