Punch Powertrain partner latest Living Tomorrow campus

Punch Powertrain has announced a five-year partnership with Living Tomorrow 2030, a showcase for future technology. The partnership will be implemented as part of the new Living Tomorrow campus opening in Brussels in September 2023. This collaboration will enable the exchange of ideas and practices, complementing knowledge, and bundling forces to lead innovation in the quickly changing industry of electrification and digitalization.

Technology leadership and Innovation

In the fast paced and transforming automotive arena, driven by electrification and digitalization, Punch Powertrain intensively invests in innovation, dedicating over 30% of its turnover to Research & Development. While operating a dedicated “Technology and Innovation” department and running an innovation incentive program, innovation is strongly embedded into the company daily R&D activities and processes. Driven by its vision “Our Powertrains Drive a Sustainable World”, Punch Powertrain holds the number one position in the amount patent applications in the Tier 1 automotive industry in Belgium in 2022.

Jorge Solis Punch Powertrain

Having recently completed a 5 year investment plan, the company boasts an unparalleled complete collection of hardware, software and processes in digital product development and testing. The development road map of new products and concepts bears a sharp focus towards delivering more sustainable products at an affordable cost.

Punch Powertrain relies on a history of innovation and invention of new concepts, having invented the modern Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and launched the world’s most compact DCT, the DT1, in 2022. The company has also developed a class-leading hybrid DCT, the DT2/eDCT, which is poised to become the industry-leading hybrid P2 DCT by 2025.

The partnership with Living Tomorrow aligns with Punch Powertrain's strategy to lead change towards a sustainable world and reinforce its position as a recognized leader in innovation.


Expert eco-system

In addition to technology leadership, the company aims to differentiate itself by building a partner ecosystem with industry leaders and lead innovation through collaboration and exchange of ideas and resources. Both these drivers is where the strategies of Punch Powertrain and Living Tomorrow meet.

As part of the partnership, Punch Powertrain will collaborate with other innovation leaders in think tanks and contribute to the cutting-edge technologies showcased at Living Tomorrow. The partnership is expected to deepen collaboration technology oriented companies, further boost innovation power and accelerate introduction of new products to market.