Punch Powertrain passes the torch as main sponsor of Belgian Solar Team

Punch Powertrain passes on the torch of main sponsorship of the Belgian Solar Team to Agoria. Relinquishing this position will lead to a name change for the team. During the 6 years of Punch representation, the team has consistently improved its performance and continued rising in the rankings, resulting in a brilliant first place during Carrera Solar Atacama in Chile, in 2018. Punch Powertrain will continue the partnership with the team and the company continues with its intensive technical support.

Partner relationship and technical support

The fact that Punch Powertrain is no longer part of the Belgian team’s name does not mean that the company will stop contributing going further. Punch Powertrain has been a loyal partner of the team for eight years, six of which as main sponsor. During this period, they supported the team in various ways, both technically and in terms of marketing and business relations. This resulted in four solar cars: the Umicar Imagine, the Indupol One, the Punch One and the Punch 2. But this is not where the cooperation ends. For the development of the BluePoint, the eighth Belgian solar car, Punch Powertrain will continue to support the team on a technical level. The company’s specialization in the field of electric driving and e-motorsport and its recent acquisition of the inverter specialist – APOJEE – may bring valuable new technology to the team.


Consistent progress and innovation

As of its introduction as main sponsor (and name partner) in 2012, Punch Powertrain started intensive coaching and gradually shifted the focus from reliability to continuous performance improvement and innovation. Punch Powertrain Solar Team passed with flying colors in meeting this goal, with an ever increasing ranking during various Solar Challenges, 2 innovation awards and – as icing on the cake – first place in the world’s most extreme Solar Race: Carrera Solar Atacama in Chile in 2018.