Punch Powertrain reveals a new brand identity reflecting transformation and electrification

September 22nd, 2022, Sint-Truiden. During the company’s 50 years celebration in its headquarters in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, Punch Powertrain announces the release of its new vision, mission and brand identity, intended to strongly reflects the company’s widened product offering, agility and customer centricity, resulting from its ongoing transformation journey and its expansion into global markets.

Punch Powertrain is an established player in the market of transmissions and propulsion systems. Relying on fifty years legacy, it entered the market by developing and producing Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) for a wide range of cars. In the past decade, Punch Powertrain has largely broadened its scope towards dual clutch transmissions, hybrid and electric propulsion systems, bringing ground-breaking inventions and innovations in this field to market. 

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Amid this widened portfolio, growing customer base and expansion to new markets, in anticipation of acceleration of electrified and electric mobility, the company has initiated a bold transformation journey: “Gear up for the future 2.0”. This comprehensive plan is rigorously driven companywide between 2020 and 2023, aimed at establishing the necessary organization, innovation power and culture.

As key element to this transformation roadmap a set of new values and a bold vision was established internally in 2020 in order to unify towards a shared purpose: “Our powertrains drive a sustainable world!” This vision shortly outlines the company’s ambition and shapes the route and decisions taken in everyday life to provide the industry with the most sustainable and cost-efficient solution for any application.

This further translates to the company’s mission, proudly shared by Jorge Solis, Chief Executive Officer: “I am confident that by living through our mission to ‘become the global industry’s agile partner of choice for best-in-class, affordable and sustainable powertrain solutions’ we can drive significant change in what our teams are passionate about – sustainability, while achieving personal growth and deriving a sense of achievement and fun from our results”.  

What is greatly appreciated about our company is our high degree of agility and flexibility, seen everyday in the willingness of our colleagues to go the extra mile for our customers and partners.

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After a period of inwards reflection and customer feedback, the company now launches its reshaped brand image, containing visuals, communication and messaging style. “From interviews with customers, colleagues and partners a clear image emerged of what defines and differentiates Punch Powertrain in today’s automotive arena,” states Olga Frantseva, Global Communication Leader at Punch Powertrain, who led the rebranding project.  “What is greatly appreciated about our company is our high degree of agility and flexibility, seen everyday in the willingness of our colleagues to go the extra mile for our customers and partners. This is combined with a solid base of expertise of our people – that is recognized to be both wide and deep – enabling the Punch Powertrain team to shift gears quicky and highly effectively.”

Recognizing the crucial importance of its people, who together form the company that is Punch Powertrain, the company’s experts will be brought to the foreground in their daily activities, both in imagery, as well as in messaging. Sharing stories of their in depth expertise, flexibility and drive to co-create the best possible solution with their partners is a genuine way to reflect the agile, partnership minded spirit that drives Punch Powertrain.

Connection lines are another key element of Punch Powertrain spirit, that illustrates the company’s agility and dynamism on many levels. While the lines reflect the connection that a transmission represents between motor and wheels, and the connection vehicle mobility creates, they also reflect the highly collaborative spirit and connections the company’s teams create across functional fields and physical locations, in order to drive toward their joint goal.

Furthermore, the color pallet has been expanded to represent the growing diversity and versatility of the company, with dedicated colors representing different product lines. Projected against a canvas of dark blue, various shades of green have been added to represent the increased focus on sustainability and strongly expanded electrified portfolio.

With this new brand identity, Punch Powertrain seeks to communicate its transformation and the growing range of highly flexible, sustainable, and affordable solutions as well as its differentiating agility and people focus, establishing the image of “a dynamic leader of innovative transmission and propulsion systems for automotive OEMs and mobility providers globally”.