Punch Powertrain Sint-Truiden welcomes thousandth employee

In March, CEO Cor van Otterloo congratulated the thousandth employee, represented by the company mascot “The Punch”. With 1000 employees Punch is one of the large employers in the region and is a major player in the local automotive industry. Punch Powertrain has the largest R&D department in Belgian automotive after Toyota.

R&D and production The head office in Sint-Truiden houses a R&D center, test center with test track and prototype-lines. In contrast with many multinationals, also production takes place in Belgium. Every Punch product installed worldwide is at least partly made in Belgium. Therefore, about half of the 1000 employees in Sint-Truiden is active in the production environment.
Punch Powertrain Sint-Truiden welcomes thousandth employee

Expansion in own country

To support its large growth, Punch hired 250 employees in 2016 and will have 450 more vacancies in 2017.

This strong increase in personnel numbers was accompanied by a physical expansion. In 2015 the new main building was completed, followed by a new canteen in 2016. 2017 Started with completion of an entirely new Logistics Centre and will be followed by opening of 3 new production halls, a building with dressing rooms and offices, a fitness and an office building for production. 

In addition to the expansion of existing production capacity, a complete new site will be built, with a new 6 story R&D building, accommodating 400 engineers.
To complete this construction project over hundred people will be at work at Punch Powertrain over the next few years.