Groupe PSA selects Punch Powertrain technology for its future electrified transmission systems
  • Punch Powertrain has been selected to supply its newest generation of patented e-DCT systems by 2022, as part of Groupe PSA’s electrification push.

  • This electrified Dual Clutch Transmission – hybrid DT2 – with a 48V motor will equip Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

  • The two companies are entering into discussions about manufacturing the technology at one of Groupe PSA’s plants and are exploring the possibility of extending the partnership.

Groupe PSA, engaged in the electrification shift

Groupe PSA has been actively accelerating its shift to electrified vehicles (Mild-hybrid (MHEV), Electric Vehicles (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) with the aim of developing an electrified offering covering 100% of its range by 2025.

In this context, Groupe PSA’s decision to select Punch Powertrain as the supplier of its next generation electrified transmission systems is highly strategic.

Groupe PSA selects Punch Powertrain technology for its future electrified transmission systems

Best in class Dual Clutch Transmission

Groupe PSA’s main reason for cooperating with Punch Powertrain is to leverage its cutting-edge and patented dual clutch transmission design, which allows for fewer components, and hence a lighter and more compact transmission system. In addition, it delivers outstanding performance and a very favorable fuel economy at a competitive cost. The next generation of this design, with a 48V motor configuration, will be installed by Groupe PSA in its vehicles.

This DCT technology establishes a new reference point for all competing DCTs in the passenger car and light commercial vehicle segments, given its outstanding characteristics. 

Punch Powertrain, strong customer focus and big investment

Punch Powertrain has carried out major investments to meet the requirements of a project of this magnitude, including the acquisition of the power electronics expert Apojee.

Punch Powertrain’s international growth strategy

The agreement with Groupe PSA is a major step for Punch Powertrain and is in line with its strategic vision of becoming a global automotive supplier. To secure sustainable and continuous growth, the company has focused on two objectives: expanding its product portfolio and establishing a worldwide customer base in global markets.

With Groupe PSA as its first large European customer, Punch Powertrain is meeting its second objective: securing its position in Europe and expanding its global footprint.