Innovation at Punch Powertrain – AUTOWEEK.NL talks about the exponential growth of Punch Powertrain and its products.

Although sales of the first million CVTs are spread over a period of 25 years, Punch Powertrain expects sales of 1 million units in 2020 alone. The therefore required capacity increase was already implemented in 2015, both in the headquarters and production facility in Sint-Truiden and in the assembly plant in Nanjing. Thanks to the rise of the hybrid and electric cars – in which Punch Powertrain is specialized – producing 1 million transmissions in 2020 is becoming an achievable goal.

New generation of CVT

The newest generation of CVT – namely VT5 – differs from its predecessors in many ways.
VT5 has a torque convertor, there is a greater range between the minimum and maximum gear train and VT5 will be tailored to a maximum torque of 300 Nm.
Furthermore, the electronics are adjusted to give each car model the desired and unique gear shift character.

Innovation at Punch PowERTRAIN - AUTOWEEK.NL

DCT innovation

Contrary to a classic DCT, the design of Punch Powertrain renders one output shaft, synchromesh rings and selector forks superfluous. This reduction of the number of components entails both a price advantage and a quality increase.