JAC Group awards Punch Powertrain “Excellent Supplier Award”

Hefei, China (December 29th, 2020) – The JAC Group, a major automobile manufacturer in China, focusing on the truck, bus, commercial vehicle, and passenger car segment, announced that they have awarded Punch Powertrain with their “Excellent Supplier Award”. The award was presented at JAC Group’s annual supplier meeting: an event that brings together over 500 partners and suppliers of the Group.

Punch Powertrain has continually demarked itself by its responsiveness to customer needs, as well as by the reliability of its transmissions. Its tried and tested product VT3 has proven to be highly successful, robust and cost-effective CVT, which can be quickly deployed. With over 3 million transmissions on the market, its quality and reliability is confirmed day after day.

“Excellent Supplier Award” for Punch Powertrain

JAC awarding “Excellent Supplier Award” to Punch Powertrain is a sign of trust, as well as an expression of confidence in the new management and direction of Punch Powertrain in Asia Pacific region. For global markets Punch Powertrain has recently intensified its “local for local” approach, ensuring the needs of different markets are met by a complete local team. This allows local agile teams to better tailor the products and services to the local needs, while increasing the company’s agility and responsiveness and building local partnerships and value chains.

“With this award, we want to honour our good standing relationship and fruitful cooperation with Punch Powertrain,.”

Qing Zhang - Purchasing Director of JAC Group

“With this award, we want to honour our good standing relationship and fruitful cooperation with Punch Powertrain,” says Qing Zhang, Purchasing Director of JAC Group. “Over the past years their product, as well their supply (including in the COVID-19 circumstances) has proven to be reliable in supporting our ambitions. We are pleased with the close communication lines with the Chinese team and their flexibility in order to accommodate our needs.”