Punch Powertrain´s VT3 has already proven to be very successful, robust and cost-effective CVT, which can be quickly deployed. With over 2 million transmissions on the market, its quality and reliability is confirmed day after day.

Broad range of applications

This tried-and-tested CVT helps to improve the fuel consumption of vehicles and scores very well on driving comfort. Its design flexibility makes it widely deployable: meaning VT3 can be integrated into a broad range of high volume applications, as well as niche vehicles & applications.

The smart clutch actuation system of the VT3 allows combination with engine start-stop functionality, enabling effective application in mild hybrid or full hybrid vehicles.

Wide torque range

The VT3 is available in various torque variants, ranging from 150 to 220Nm. Specifically for demanding applications a variant with a short final drive is developed, which delivers demanding performance on slopes.

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Technical Specifications