Punch Powertrain appoints Matt Stevens as Chief Information Officer, driving digitalization strategy

Punch Powertrain, a leading developer of transmissions for the automotive industry, announces the appointment of Matt Stevens as Chief Information Officer (CIO). With an advanced digitalization strategy, headed by Mr. Stevens, Punch Powertrain aims to leverage technology and innovation to bring cutting-edge transmissions to market faster, at affordable cost.

Amid a rapidly evolving automotive industry, fuelled by electrification, Punch Powertrain is accelerating its digital transformation. The company is committed to going beyond mere compliance with regulations in digitalization and cyber security and aims to differentiate itself as a key expert partner in the automotive value chain.

To support its strategy of agility, offering quick response to emerging opportunities, and significantly reducing time to market, today the company is increasingly leveraging cutting edge methods in its manufacturing and product development. The company is further empowering its teams through strengthened digital processes driven by best-in-class data analytics enabling quick decision-making and continuous improvement. The appointment of Matt Stevens to this dedicated CIO position, with underlying organization structure, will accelerate the company’s goal to be at the forefront of digital innovation in transmissions.

Matt-New Punch Powertrain

Mr. Stevens is an accomplished automotive executive with 30 years of experience and a deeply rooted sustainability focus. He further brings invaluable insights and expertise from set-up of IT infrastructures for Joint Ventures, new plants and departments.

He joins the company from Toyota, where during his extensive tenure, he headed the Toyota global IT strategy, based in Japan. He furthermore held various leadership positions, building teams  and bridging organisational silos  to build more agile and connected business structures. Most recently Mr. Stevens headed Toyota’s EV and energy strategy.

“We are excited to welcome Matt Stevens to our senior leadership team.” said Jorge Solis, Chief Executive Officer, Punch Powertrain. “Matt is a superb global automotive executive and his addition to our core team will accelerate our ongoing digital transformation and differentiate Punch Powertrain as an agile, data driven organization supporting our vision: ‘Our Powertrains drive a sustainable world!’”