DT2 voted among 5 Most Impressive Technologies at TMC 2020

DT2, the hybrid dual clutch technology by Punch Powertrain, is voted among 5 most impressive technology innovations by professional audience during the innovation competition at TMC 2020. The competition seeks to highlight most impressive technologies, that will play a role in the future of automotive industry and its move towards electrification. In this regard the DT2 excelled in adding value for automobile manufacturers with its design modularity and cost competitiveness on vehicle level.

DT2 voted among 5 Most Impressive Technologies at TMC 2020

TMC Award – Promoting Automotive Innovation

Transmission Symposium China (TMC) is a leading annual conference, focused on automotive transmission technologies and their electrification. It is widely attended by Chinese and international drivetrain experts throughout the automotive value chain and was organized for the 12th time. In line with its mission to advance technology innovation, this year the symposium has launched the first edition of Technology Innovation Tour and Competition. Innovation proposals that were submitted to the competition were assessed by a professional jury, based on concept novelty, added value to the end user and industrialization feasibility. 

The selected laureates were presented to the public, inviting the visitors for an open dialogue during the conference, and to ultimately cast their vote. Within this framework, DT2 was voted among 5 “Most Impressive Technologies”.

DT2 offering increased hybridization efficiency

The distinguished entry of Punch Powertrain consisted of DT2: a cost-effective, compact and modular e-DCT, which is one of the company’s flagship technologies along its mission to bring affordable sustainable drivetrain solutions to market.

The innovation is based on a new type of dual clutch principle that enables a strong reduction of components (gearwheels), compared to traditional dual clutch transmissions, while maintaining full  7 speed functionality. The resulting compact gear arrangement allows room for the integration of either a 48V (for mild hybrid applications) or a high-voltage (for plug-in-hybrid vehicles) electric motor. A large merit of the concept is that the same transmission design can be used for both levels of electrification with minimum adjustments, thus offering car manufacturers great flexibility in their fleet hybridization mix.

An additional benefit of the design lies in its (P2) configuration. Integration of the e-machine with the transmission unit results in an increased fuel efficiency gain, as well as a cost reduction on vehicle level. This configuration is increasingly gaining recognition on the Chinese market, as a valued alternative to the widely spread P0 configuration (coupling of e-machine to the internal combustion engine).