Research & Development is rooted in Punch Powertrain´s very genes. Spread across the six sites worldwide, around one in four employees of Punch Powertrain is active in R&D. By 2020 a 65 million euro strategic expansion plan of the department will be completed. The expansion includes the creation of new test centers, test tracks and installation of state-of-the-art equipment and processes. This strong growth ensures that Punch Powertrain will continue to bring innovative transmissions, powertrains and drivetrain systems to the market.

Full in house capabilities

Punch Powertrain´s R&D activities succeed, as no other, in economically translating state-of-the-art technology to fulfil the demands of our customers. Moreover, the entire process - from intensive research, prototyping and testing in real-life conditions to the production - takes place entirely in house.


Can Do mindset

Our engineers have a single clear goal in mind: thinking together with the customer in order to jointly deliver the best transmission or powertrain. Within Punch Powertrain a culture dominates where an “Open-Minded, Can Do” attitude is appreciated and encouraged.

Global cross-fertilization

Punch Powertrain is committed to bringing together the best talents from different cultures and continents. New transmission and powertrain technologies and concepts are constantly emerging from the cross-fertilization between the R&D departments in Sint-Truiden (Belgium), Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Flechtorf & Munich (Germany), Clermont-Ferrand (France) and Nanjing (China). The cooperation with various knowledge and educational institutions also strengthens this innovative framework of co-creation.