Machine Operator training to facilitate reorientation

Punch Powertrain Sint-Truiden has started serial production of its groundbreaking hybrid transmissions aimed at the European market – the DT2/ e-DCT. To provide ramp-up production numbers, the company started recruiting about 100 technical new employees to its production team in 2023. In addition to recruiting people with technical experience, 40 workplaces are reserved for people who first receive training, in this way – both internally and externally – to promote professional growth and reduce the step to a technical job.

Machine Operator training to facilitate reorientation

High-tech and future-oriented

The production of hybrid transmissions – and later electric drive systems – is a future-oriented technology that requires new production techniques. The production halls are equipped with the latest machinery, characterized by high degree of automation, ergonomics, in a clean working environment. Besides a highly automated process and micro-level accuracy, the production of hybrid transmission parts requires highly technically skilled Machine Operators.

To this end, Punch Powertrain Sint-Truiden is looking for about a hundred employees this year who will be directly responsible for operating and maintaining the machines that manufacture the key components. An additional 100 to 150 people are expected to be hired in 2024 and 2025.

Building technical skills

The Machine Operator position requires mechanical or electromechanical training in addition to technical thinking skills. Because not all candidates have had this education, Punch is investing in an intensive 6-week training course, tailored with training partner Qrios. During this training, basic knowledge of technique and quality is taught, which prepares the recruits for a future-oriented job in the Belgian manufacturing industry. The training consists of a mix of theoretical and practical training, with the largest part taking place on the production floor.

After this training and a positive evaluation, the trainees start with a permanent contract with the company, under the intensive supervision of a ” godfather/ godmother ” on the production floor.