e-DCT by Punch Powertrain wins ‘Automotive Innovation Award – Technology’

On February 11, the Automotive Innovation Awards were presented for the third time in the Netherlands. The DT2 (hybrid dual-clutch transmission) by Punch Powertrain was awarded first place in the “Technology” category. The expert jury ruled that the compact and modular design has a great value for car manufacturers and end-users and thus brings electric driving a lot closer.

About AIA Automotive Innovation Award is a biennial competition in the Netherlands, consisting of 3 categories: Technology, Services and Challenging Concepts. An independent expert jury evaluates the entries on their innovative value, impact on mobility, economic efficiency and applicability in daily live. The competition was started in 2015 by the automotive industry in the Netherlands to boost local innovation power and bring it to the attention of the general public, politics and policy makers. Since then, AIA has been granted every two years and allows participation of among others: manufacturers, knowledge institutions, suppliers, technology companies and governments. Technology Award 2019: DT2 The winning entry of Punch Powertrain consisted of DT2: a cost-effective, compact and modular e-DCT. The modularity is that the same transmission design can be used with a 48V motor (mild hybrid), as well as with a high-voltage motor (plug-in hybrid) or without any e-motor. Every application requires only a minimum of adjustment and offers the car manufacturer very wide flexibility.
Punch Powertrain wins ‘Automotive Innovation Award – Technology’


In the meantime Punch Powertrain has signed a contract with the PSA Group for the delivery of this hybrid transmission, for which the start of production is planned for 2022. The development team at Punch Powertrain in Eindhoven leads these developments and is supported by the development departments in Belgium, France and Germany.